Feather Smooth

Feather Smooth - Premium Interior Emulsion

Feather smooth premium interior emulsion is a luxurious decorative coating for interior walls with a high sheen and smooth finish. It contains anti cracking agent to effectively increase film elasticity, thus covering any existing or potential fine lines. It is an ideal choice for renovating or painting of new surfaces. Feather smooth is made out of 100% pure acrylic emulsions, special additives, anti-corrosive and color fast pigments. Micro fine extenders are added to achieve optimum quality and performance for a long period. It is washable with mild soapy liquid.

Technical Properties

  • Description: 100% Pure Acrylic Interior Emulsion
  • Appearance: White, viscous and buttery liquid.
  • Viscosity: 18 - 22 Second at 29Oc when thinned with 1:1 water
  • pH: 7.9 - 8.3
  • Weight/Litre: 1.22 - 1.27 Kg
  • Thinning Media: Water
  • Thinning Ratio: 10:3 - 4
  • Coverage: 190 - 200 Sq.ft/Litre per coat depending upon the porosity of the surface
  • Finish: Smooth and sheen
  • Area of application: Cement, concrete & asbestos surfaces.
  • Method of application: By brush or roller.
  • Surface dry: 30 minutes under normal climatic conditions
  • Hard dry: 4 hrs.
  • Second Coat Interval: 4 hrs after first coat
  • Available packing: 20,10, 4 and 1 Litre packing
  • Shelf life: 2 years.
  • Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight and excess heat premium silicon

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